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8th March 2018 does this conference have no shame, asking for a friend

5th January 2018 selfless in seattle

3rd October 2017 i-shadow

5th February 2017 99% perfect

28th January 2017 reaching for stars

9th December 2016 show me the policy (part 2)

10th September 2016 my first 100 days

17th April 2016 new york, new york (LBS story part 3)

28th February 2016 event horizon LBS (LBS story part 2)

17th January 2016 ch-ch-ch-changes (LBS story part 1)

10th January 2016 on risk and luck in a scientific career

16th September 2015 how will I know (if we have succeeded)

31st August 2015 goosebump moments

6th June 2015 merit and demerit

10th May 2015 but what can I do?

18th April 2015 careful, your bias is showing

15th February 2015 how to measure a professor

12th January 2015 imagine there’s new metrics (it’s easy if you try)

24th December 2014 life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans

16th November 2014 5 things I love about Japan

9th November 2014 thank you Gough

6th October 2014 for dad

16th September 2014 fairest and best (on the Women in Science Australia site)

31st August 2014 34 obstacles women face to become CEO

13th August 2014 #crystalcakes

1st August 2014 light at the end of the tunnel?

25th June 2014 visible signs of support

12th June 2014 a funny thing happened today

25th May 2014 reason and resilience

11th May 2014 result of the week

19th April 2014 geography trumps gender

16th Apr 2014 synchronicity, support and sponsorship

29th Mar 2014 the visibility paradox

9th Mar 2014 whatever it takes?

17th Feb 2014 show me the policy

3rd Feb 2014 mentors and dementors

18th Jan 2014 sexism and the seventies: back to the future?

6th Jan 2014 the incredible disappearing women of science

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