cubistcrystal – by Jenny Martin

I use crystals in my scientific research as a means of understanding the biological properties of proteins. But crystals are not just tools for scientific research, they are bewilderingly beautiful conundrums. The simple lines of the geometrically perfect outer surface conceal a mind-boggling inner complexity: the crystalline lattice is actually formed from millions of copies of the same molecule organised into an endlessly repeating and symmetrical pattern. The image “cubist crystal” was created from a light microscope photo of a protein crystal floating in a crystallisation drop. The photo was enhanced with a rainbow array of brightly coloured blocks of light that represent the symmetry and order inherent in crystal systems.

This image was created for AngstromArt and was first used as one of a series of eight free postcards distributed around the country to highlight Australian science. A website provides information about the science, the scientists and the images of AngstromArt.

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